Block Club Article
6/12/19: After closing his highly-regarded chicken spot in North Lawndale two years ago, Chef Larry Tucker is back. This time, on Grand Avenue.
DNA Info article
4|24|17 An article about our future home on Grand Avenue: Crazy Bird Chicken Joining Bari's Block On Grand Avenue In West Town
Kevin Pang article
11|18|14 Chicago Tribune featured Crazy Bird's Crazy Fries tasted and written by Famous Chicago food critic Kevin Pang
Hungry Hound feature
12|6|14 ABC Channel 7's Hungry Hound with Steve Dolinsky interviewed Chef Larry.
The Reader article
9|22|14 It's an article about our very own Chef Larry and his Crazy Bird chicken joint: A legendary barbecue name from the past reemerges—with a chicken joint
LTH Forum
9|10|14 A Chicago local critic's awesome experience about visiting Crazy Bird
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